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Raccoons are nocturnal creatures. They like to make their dens in dry, warm places such as attics, roofs, and chimneys. They can cause considerable structural damage when they are building or trying to enter their dens. Raccoons are social animals and the family unit will stay together for about a year after the young are born.

Raccoons are omnivorous and seem to love to eat trash as many homes and businesses find their trash cans turned over and raided on a nightly basis by raccoons. In addition, raccoons have been known to damage lawns by turning over sod in an effort to find grubs and earthworms to eat.

There are preventative measures you can take to protect your home from raccoons. Use trash cans made of tough materials like metal and hard plastics with tight-fitting lids and clamps or straps to fasten them tightly. Tie your trash cans to a support so that they cannot be easily tipped over. Also, keep raccoons from accessing your chimney by using a spark arrestor cap over the opening.

Attempting to capture raccoons on your own is never a good idea. If you take matters into your own hands you could not only be putting yourself at risk for physical harm, but also legal liability. New York City has strict regulations on wildlife relocation. If these requirements are not met you could be facing a heavy fine.

If raccoons have become a nuisance to your home or business, call big Big Apple Pest Control. Our animal control professionals use safe capture methods and traps to quickly remove to remove the raccoons from your property.

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